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The Secret Showcase Presents…Samantha Whates, Albert Gold and Folie Ordinaire @ The Macbeth in Hoxton

20 Jun

After an intimate re-launch at the Victoria In Dalston, The Secret Showcase Presents is back on Monday the 20th of June at the infamous Macbeth in Hoxton. 70 Hoxton St City of London N1 6LP. This evening will present a combination of the most wistful and soulful of voices from

Folie Ordinaire 10.00 – Their Disco Punk sound is mixture of synth arppegiators, funky glam guitars, powerful basslines and sexy revolted lyrics performed in intense shows that often develop into a party

Albert Gold 9.00 – A talented young man with an incredibly mature and soul soaked voice. Albert is truly star material! The first thing that hits you is his outstanding soul voice.

Samantha Whates 8.00 – Samantha is the owner of the most delicate yet sharp voice it will cut through you and make all the hairs rise on the back of your neck involuntary. She really is sublime.

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