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Song Of The Day

30 Nov

What’s that – The  5 Royales 1954

Song of the day

29 Nov

Tu Ber Cu Lucas and the Sinus Blues – Huey Piano Smith 1959

Iñigo Ugarteburu – Gospel mix-tape on the way for the TSSP…

29 Nov

Please allow me to introduce you to Iñigo Ugarteburu…

After working for 8 months at EMI, I have only just started to really get to know people I work with well enough to discover their passions and talents… Iñigo Ugarteburu it would seem, is quite the prolific musician, working on various projects whilst regularly gigging and DJing, he also has an incredibly extensive and photographic knowledge of music with a large and eclectic record collection to match.

I’m sure there is more to Iñigo that we are yet to discover, but so far this is what I know of him to share… Cafe Teatro is a dreamy and enchanting minimalist folk collective to which he belongs, having release two albums called ‘Burga’ and ‘Sei’ through Foehn Records, which you can hear and buy here.

Iñigo also released a solo album this year called ‘Back & Forth’, it is simply sublime and commands to be listened to, Once your ears are wrapped around the many layers of the vast number of instrumental melodic patterns, it carries you on a journey to another land entirely. Best listened to with closed eyes in any state of mind!


Not one to rest on his laurels, He is currently working on solo album number two and a score for a dance film directed by Xabier Iriondo and choreographed by Marina Mascarell. Iñigo has also recently put together a mix tape for his good friends at Colectivo Futuro, a dedicated cultural node where artforms and people converge, a node well worth checking out. I enjoyed the Mix-tape so much and I’m delighted to say that even with his incredibly busy schedule he has agreed to share a glimps of his record collection with us and do a series of mix-tapes for The Secret Showcase Presents… Starting with Gospel. Watch this space…

You can hear the most recent African inspired mix-tape he did for Colectivo Futuro here…

You can  also hear more Colectivo Futurcasts here

Song Of The Day

28 Nov

There’s Got To Be a Way – Chuck Willis 1956

Song of the day

27 Nov

Rip It Up – Little Richard 1956

Song of the day

26 Nov

Shake Rattle and Roll – Joe Turner 1954

Spotify Playlist

26 Nov

The Secret Showcase Presents… Has a playlist on Spotify with music from artists who have played for us over the years… If we have missed anyone out, do let us know so as to not be excluded. Enjoy!

Song of the day

25 Nov

Boot ‘Em Up –  The Du Droppers 1954

Song of the day

24 Nov

Do The Bug With Me – Billy Bland 1961

The Secret Showcase Presents… and Three Trade Horses Collaborate!

23 Nov

I am delighted to announce that ‘The Secret Showcase Presents…‘ will be teaming up with ‘Three Trade Horses‘ to run regular live music events, delivering you the very best of talent in roots music. The next event being on the 13th of December in Battersea at the Magic Garden with the delectable Baker Boys, Benjamin Folke Thomas and The Flamenco Thief… See you there.

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