Song of the week

25 Mar

Katie Dalton – Katie Cruelimage

I’ve decided to spend a little less time bringing you songs everyday and try it weekly instead so that I have more time to write about other suitably brilliant things as well as work on running more events where you can come and hear our most delightful discoveries and witness our favourite musicians play live.

Twenty years ago Karen Dalton, a  Cherokee folk singer, well known on New York’s Greenwich Village folk scene in the 60s sadly passed away aged 55 after contracting AIDS relating to a long battle with drugs and alcohol. Born in Oaklahoma in 1937, married and divorced twice with two children by the age of 22, Karen started playing on the folk scene playing with the likes of Fred Neil, Tim Hardin, Dino Valenti and Bob Dylan. Karen has been describe by Bob Dylan as the Billy Holiday of folk and her voice said to have had rust in it before it ever found silver, I really don’t think I could put it better since she was never hugely successful commercially and some of her recordings were not release or were re-issued some years after her death.   

I was listening to my itunes library on random the other day and this little gem came on. The combination of Karen’s Voice and banjo playing along with the violin is enough to make any grown man feel the desire to weep! I wasn’t so familiar with Karen so I did a bit of research and digging and played some more of her music. If you like this track I highly recommend you do the same. What struck me most was how pained such a beautiful and gifted woman’s voice could be and how is has haunted me since hearing it. That and her life story, The pain was certainly real. Someone should make a film!


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