Song of the week

12 Apr

Bang Bang – Joe Cuba Sextet 1966 Tico Recordsimages

This week I came across a forgotten classic while looking for a something new! I was searching for Willy Moon’s cover of ‘Bang Bang’ from his new album ‘Here’s Willy.’ Some people I’ve spoke to really don’t like Willy, all citing an arrogance that they can’t stand, But that’s actually one if the things I really quite like about him. Anyway love or hate Willy Moon I dare you to not love the song ‘Bang Bang’ by Joe Cuba Sextet. Which is what this post is actually about.

I heard it on Monday at work and as soon as I clocked off I headed strait to Sounds Of The Universe on Broadwick street to go and get me some on Vinyl. I didn’t find the record I was really hoping to find which was the single ‘Hey Joe, Hey Joe’ but I did find this fun re-issue LP Joe Cuba Sextet ‎– Wanted Dead Or Alive (Bang! Bang! Push, Push, Push) which had the Song I had initially happened upon in the morning! Way to go starting Monday morning with a Bang Bang!

Joe’s Spanish Harlem sound really does evoke carnival excitement in me. I guess since the sun has been trying to come out I though it would be OK to listen to this and think of how close the summer must be by now.



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