The Secret Showcase Presents… Rose Betts and Rosie May

29 Jan

We are delighted to announce the first of our shows to be hosted at The Elgin. Our first line up will showcase the wonderful talents of… Rose Betts and Rosie May.

The Show will start at 8.30 sharp at the beautifully intimate setting of The Elgin 96 Ladbrook Grove W11 1PY

Rose & Rosie

Rose Betts – Rose Betts, is a twin and eldest of 4 children, from a very musical family where falling asleep on the floor of the proms and touring France, stopping at every cathedral to sing with her family was completely normal. She was inspired to play the piano after watching the snowman at the age of 6 and at 12, she picked up the guitar after being ‘snowed in’.

It is aptly so that Rose Betts is a truly gifted melody maker and rather poetic storyteller with tales based on truths and music that befittingly warms and comforts you like a cosy as can be moment on a cold winters night.

Her voice is distinctly English with a sound that could draw warmth from the coldest of hearts. It is almost as if everything she creates is done so with warm heartedness but also with a memory that harks back to the cold winter months. Mindful of fragility, yet brutally honest.

Her music could be compared to the likes of Regina Specktor, but with a unique tone comparisons would stop at the crystal clarity in vocal delivery and beautiful Piano Playing. Rose Betts has a magical way about her and her live performance belies comparisons.

Rose sits on the margins of popular music as her beautiful piano led epic Folk with great Pop sensibilities is exactly the kind of music you could imagine to be the theme tune to the perfect winter romance.

Rosie May –  As previously written in our 2012 post ‘To Far To Swim EP – Rosie May’ ‘Rosie’s voice which yearns and resolves with such hopefulness, is something that anyone who is unsatisfied with a situation, but knows they must get on for things to be OK, will relate to. There is beauty in patience. So if your feeling like giving up on something, have a listen to Rosie first. You might change your mind.’

Rosie has independently released two beautiful EP’s in the last year and a half  ‘Too Far To Swim’ and ‘Roof Over Our Heads (Below) which should both be adored. For a sneak preview of what to expect for Rosie and to purchase both EP’s visit her band camp page.


The Elgin serve a delicious hot food menu and have a wide selection of beers ales and spirits, Tables are limited in the performance area so come early to secure a table and enjoy the night of wonderment.


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