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The Big Pancake Party 2014

28 Feb

In association with Homespun Sessions, The Secret Showcase Presents… The Big Pancake Party! To Raise money for the Big Issue Foundation.

Screen shot 2014-02-25 at 13.33.34

This is our third year running this very fun and incredibly worthwhile fund-raiser for The Big Issue Foundation.

On Shrove Tuesday the 4th of March we want you to come and join us at Floripa 91-93 great Eastern Street EC2A 3HZ for a pancake extravaganza. You can enjoy lots of pancake fun and live performances from three wonderfully talented and kindly charitable acts…

The Severed Limb at 9.30pm

The Severed Limb are a young six-piece band from London who play roots influenced music for a contemporary audience. Their skiffle-style line up includes washboard, guitars, double bass, drums and accordion.

Their music has been championed by Steve Lamacq and Mark Radcliffe on BBC Radio 2, Gideon Coe on BBC 6 Music, John Kennedy on XFM, Andrew Weatherall on XOYO, and Dave Gorman on Absolute Radio.

In April 2011 Steve Lamacq invited the band into the famous BBC Maida Vale Studio to record four tracks for a BBC 6 Music session. The tracks were filmed (see video section of this website).

The band have also performed live on Clive Anderson’s ‘Loose Ends’ radio show on BBC Radio 4.

In May 2012 The Severed Limb performed at the Royal Albert Hall, supporting Imelda May who personally invited them to play.

In September 2013 as part of BBC Radio 4’s British New Wave season several Severed Limb songs were used to soundtrack Robert Rigby’s acclaimed dramatisation of Alan Sillitoe’s 1958 novel ‘Saturday Night and Sunday Morning’.

The Severed Limb’s unique style encompasses a wide variety of musical styles including skiffle, folk, punk, zydeco, cumbia and rock and roll.

Whom By Fire at 8.45

Heavy haunting fairytale blues. Inspired by dreams, Lynch, Herzog, Cobain and Cohen they usher you into a world of dark romantic tragedy.

Our new single “Rope” is now available to download from iTunes! Here – or listen on Spotify –

Seraphim Kelly at 8.00

Seraphim Kelly is an exciting up and coming singer songwriter from Belfast, Ireland. He moved to London in April 2013 and in between working on new material you can often still find him busking on the streets of Camden. With a rich and diverse background in music that took Seraphim on a journey of self, he
re-discovered his roots in folk and country. Adding his own personal touch and delivered with a voice so powerful and rich, listening to Seraphim perform his songs is always a deeply emotional experience. His inspiration stems from often simple but meaningful experiences and encounters, connecting with people from all sorts of backgrounds which lead to an emotionally driven delivery that reflects his heart and passion for life and song every time.

+ DJ Samantha Pink Panther & Friends will be spinning some dance floor classics late into the night.

Door at 5, Come early to avoid queues and secure a table.

We love Peppermint Candy on Jazz.FM…With ‘The Broken Hearts’.

14 Mar

Picture 4

A friend told me a while back now about ‘The Broken Hearts’ and their radio show ‘Peppermint Candy’ on Jazz.FM. Quite often I get told about stuff and it takes me an while to check it out. Often is the case, such as this one, I’ll stumble upon it and remember who it was who told me in the first place and then quietly think to myself, I must remember to listen to that person more.

So on a Saturday night in (and It can be so nice to stay in sometimes can’t it?) whilst cooking, I turned the kitchen radio on, It was tuned in to, a station my house mate regularly listens to as Jazz helps her concentrate when she works. Now I like Jazz but some of the shows I’ve heard while my housemate has been hard at work (without wanting to offend any Jazz Purists who may be reading) have just been a bit too stuffy for my liking, I guess dinner Jazz just ain’t my thing. But this program that I had happened to tune in to was brilliant. It was not at all stuffy, It was fun, informative, educational, it mixed different sub-genres and was not afraid to deviate from any kind of standard genre policy that some stations might have. For me the show’s music selection alone blew away the stereotypical typecast I had placed upon the station. Perhaps I should stay in more often and listen to radio!

Most interestingly the show is hosted by two swing loving, vintage adorning, modern day pin up girls. DJs Nisha and Amber aka ‘The Broken Hearts’ Have been very busy the last few years simply doing what they really love and building themselves quite a reputation along the way. Not only do these Ladies have an ear for a great tune, creating soundtracks and compiling compilations and play-lists for clients, but they have a wonderful flare in creative direction for events (Check out the ‘Creative Circle Awards’ that they designed) and also a great sense for vintage and fashion, having worked at Beyond Retro, collaborated with Beyond The Valley, Paperself and knitwear label Electronic Sheep. You can check out some of there beautiful designed and creations here.

As busy as the girls like to keep themselves Nisha and Amber were happy to take some timeout to do an interview as well as suggest a play-list for the Secret Showcase Presents…

Picture 6

You can catch the ‘Peppermint Candy’ show on Jazz FM. See here for more details. Enjoy…

1) Can you tell us about your inspiration and journeys to how you found yourselves doing what you do?

We met because we both used to work for Beyond Retro (the biggest vintage store in London) – Nisha was head of press and Amber was the buyer, so we ended up spending a lot of time together through that. We realised we had a lot in common and started DJing together about 5 years ago. A lot of our friends were DJing and putting on club nights, but it was all very testosterone-fuelled – they were all male models/DJs and would take their tops off as soon as they started playing! Very Zoolander. We thought we could play better music so we decided to give it a go!

2) You keep yourselves very busy with various projects but which means the most to you and why?

We’ve done loads of different projects, from creating sound tracks for silent films to designing clothes inspired by sideshows, making films about the history of the circus, concocting Halloween-themed Afternoon Teas and making our own music video where we starred as Vaudevillian magicians. We’ve even been Hula Hoop assistants! But our radio show (Peppermint Candy on Jazz FM) is probably the one that’s closest to our hearts as we get to research subjects that interest us and share music that we love with a wider audience.

3) Can you tell me how personal and important your own branding has been in order to tie all your projects together?

Our branding has definitely been really important to us. Our logo and website were designed by the brilliant illustrator Rob Flowers, and we tend to carry the theme through to all aspects of what we do; for example we tend to wear mainly red, black and white. Our matching “heart” haircuts are also part of our branding. They’re quite high maintenance though! We get our fringes trimmed once a month at Sassoon Salons.

4) Do you think that specialist/genre specific radio is something that could see a resurgence now that audio is more readily accessible to the masses and what effect do you think this will have on tastemakers/presenters?

It would be great if genre specific radio had a resurgence. Having a specialist radio show has been fantastic for us, as we have complete control over what tracks we play and the content we feature. We’re lucky that Jazz FM give us that freedom, but it definitely works for them too, as they get a show which is pretty unique and attracts a specific audience to the station. And hopefully our listeners appreciate it too!

5) You are both extremely positive role models for young girls who have a passion for music and fashion. What advice would you give to someone who is looking to pursue a similar career?

Thank you! That’s very nice to hear! Our advice is always to stick to what really appeals to you. Don’t try to adapt to fit in with trends as people can usually tell if your heart isn’t in something. And be open to as many different projects as possible. It’s great to be able to work across a range of disciplines if you get the chance – It keeps life varied, which is always good!

Thank you Nisha and Amber. With love TSSP.

Broken Hearts Playlist:
  1. Pata Pata – Miriam Makeba
  2. Doin’ the Jive – Glenn Miller
  3. Harlem Joys – Willie the Lion Smith
  4. Let’s Talk Dirty In Hawaiian – Shorty Long
  5. Jump in the Line – Harry Belafonte
  6. Jaan Pehechaan Ho – Mohammed Rafi
  7. Egyptian Shumba – The Tammys
  8. Avante Me Fante – Mahala Raï Banda
  9. La La La – Snoop Lion
  10. Mundian To Bach Ke – Panjabi MC

Song of the day

9 Mar

Buddy Stay Off  That Wine – Betty Hall Jones 1949


Song of the day

8 Mar

I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water – Cats and The Fiddle 1946


Song of the day

7 Mar

Dripper’s Boogie – Joe Liggins 1946


Song of the day

6 Mar

Hush Your mouth – Joe Houston 1961


Song of the day

5 Mar

I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Any More – Two Gospel Keys ????


Song of the day

4 Mar

After My Laughter Came Tears – Harmony Trio 1927

Song of the day

3 Mar

Curse Of Wine – Cecil Bowman 1959

Song of the day

2 Mar

Please, Please, Be Mine – El Pauling Royal Abbit, The Royalton 1961


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