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The Friday Night Whoopee With Florence Joelle

6 May

The Secret Showcase Presents is delighted to invite Florence Joelle to its stage for the first time for the Friday Night Whoopee on the 9th May at St. Moritz.


Paris-born, London-based, singer / songwriter / blues harpist Florence Joelle was bred on jazz at home, and on the music of the Paris streets, the Gypsy art of Django Reinhardt, bal musette, and North African rai, Florence started collecting rock’n’roll, doo-wop, Latin jazz, and early blues as a girl. Her music draws from all these influences, carving out a unique sound that, although deeply rooted in the past, vibrates in the present

A twee retro singer she is not, though. Ever socially conscious, her songs depict what happens around her. The gritty ’29 Bus Blues’ tells of an assault witnessed on a London night bus, while ‘The God Of Things’, written during the riots of August 2011, warns of the materialistic world we live in.

Released last May, her second album, Stealing Flowers, has won four star reviews in the Independent, Daily Mirror and Jazzwise, amongst others, and her song ’29 Bus Blues’ was included in Tom Robinson’s Best of 2013 on BBC6 Music.

A direct to stereo analogue recording, the album was made using vintage microphones and analogue processing, and captured in four days, straight to 2″ reel to reel tape, “This is another beauty of analogue recording,” Florence muses, “much studio time and money can be saved that way, as long as everyone knows what to play on the day.”

And they certainly know what to play on the day… Her line-up boasts lead guitarist Paul Seacroft on acoustic, electric guitar and lap steel (The Tiger Lillies, The Specials, The Selecter and Slim Zydeco), double bass / flamenco guitar Chris Clavo and drummer / percussionist Matt Jackson. And what musicians! They also arrange her compositions. “I write the melody, lyrics and chord structure of my songs on an acoustic guitar. It all sounds very bare, so I need my fellow band members to work their magic”, Joelle admits.

Stealing Flowers, Florence Joelle’s second album, takes the analogue theme further, not only on recording, but also with an image shot by photographic artist Jayne Taylor using old film stock and a vintage Hasselblad camera. “Everything we see and hear now is airbrushed and over-altered, from the photographs in magazines to much of the music on the radio. Showing things as they are makes them almost futuristic.” Florence says. “Back in the day, music was recorded live, and there weren’t many ways, apart from reverb and echo, to alter sound. The best take was kept, and that was all. We went the same way with the cover artwork. Nothing was added, there was no stylist, I am wearing a £10 dress from a thrift shop which I took in myself, the records on the floor are mine, and I bought the flowers too. It’s all about Jayne Taylor’s composition. There is something beautiful about capturing moments of reality, unembellished. What is the point of creating something that isn’t yours?” – And this is all very much hers. Despite its title, nothing is lifted on Stealing Flowers.

What the press say:
“Joelle’s sensuous purred vocals and sprightly jazzy songs lend proceedings a contemporary edge while circumventing mere nostalgia.”  – The Independent****

“Florence is a rare jewel and this second album captures her captivating style.  She boasts deliciously suave vocal phrasing framed by a hot and agile band.  Her savvy originals and jumping jazz standards are an unaffected joy.  Blooming lovely.”  – The Daily Mirror****

“A genuine talent, and definitely one to watch.” – Classic Rock – Blues Edition
“Stealing Flowers is a record to cherish.” – Jazzwise****

“Sultry, sexy and French, she was born with a voice tailor-made to pour out enticing cocktails of chanson, r’n’b and jazz.” – R2 Rock’n’Reel ****

“Florence Joelle sings rock ’n’ roll like Billie Holiday might, croons a torch ballad as Wanda Jackson may, and spices it all with a bit of Patti Smith attitude.” – Vintage Guitar Magazine

“Florence Joelle’s Kiss of Fire Paris-born, Camden-based, her music has a heady, jazzy swing of the hips, the sultry tango of ‘I’ll Come Running’ the perfect soundtrack to any Martini-fuelled, Mad Men-themed party.” – Q Magazine

“It’s her voice that smacks you around the head. It’s utterly unique.” – Ruth Barnes’ Pick Of the Week, Tom Robinson’s Show, BBC 6 music

DO NOT MISS, our Femme fatale Friday special. Not only do we have an incredible band fronted by the beautiful and talented Flo but we have Kitty Durham of Kitty Daisy & Lewis joining Samantha Pink Panther at the Decks. Grrrrrrrrrl Power all night long!

Barbie and Ken EP by Jude Cowan and Wim Oudijk

9 Jan

Something slightly bizarre and fantastically Bonkers…

Chances are if you’ve seen Jude Play then you wont have forgotten her work and energy in a hurry. I don’t know if its the same for everyone else but her performances do to me what her recording do to me too, They both give me that lovely warm feeling you get when you are being read too or being told a story by a child with a great imagination. I don’t really know what that feeling is, I used to get it when I was a child and my mum would tie my shoe laces before I knew how, and when my class mates would doodle on my books at school. I still get it when I play with my nephew, I guess it’s a mix of anticipation, excitement, enjoyment and carefree involvement. What ever it is its a lovely feeling and anything that can give you that feeling should be shared…

Jude Writes poems based on true stories she happens upon in her role working for a TV news channel. Her selection of stories are silly and fun with slightly serious undertones at times, I’m already familiar with some of Jude’s poems which are also recorded separately but I must say that with the musical accompaniment of Wim Oudilk, I can close my eyes and imagine that I am seeing exactly what Jude was imagining at the time she wrote them, and it’s all in cartoon.

Barbie and Ken was release December 10th 2012 on Folkwit records, Have a Listen, chances are you you’ll either love it or hate it. If you hate it… I suggest you spend some time with a child and/or take life less seriously…


Currently Listening To… Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers

16 Dec


WOW! I occasionally find myself listening to some of the old classics and asking why there are no bands making music like this any more, but I’m wrong of course, there are musicians making some great new music, it’s just that it’s not played on the radio so much so people don’t know about it as readily. But could things be about to change?

I sure hope so, especially for theses guys. A friend put me on to Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers the other day and I have literally been blown away. I don’t even know where to start in terms of telling you how good they are,… erm…actually I do… Start by hitting the play button below and turn it up.

Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers are a London based 9 piece. After their first independent release,  a 45 on Mondegreen Records catapulted them into the soul scene they have received high praise from Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Charles Bradley, Craig Charles on his BBC radio show and various labels and promoters.

Within weeks of the the first 45 release they were signed to the acclaimed Milan based Record Label ‘Record Kicks’ who specialise in new & rare funk, soul, headz, grooves & dancefloor jazz. Since signing with ‘Record Kicks’, Hannah and the Tastemakers have been busy recording their debut LP ‘A Hill Of Feathers’ which was released on October the 15th this year. And it is simply transcendent. They have also been busy building themselves an outstanding reputation as a live act, Supporting the likes of Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Charles Bradley and renowned Hip Hop legends Afrika Bambaataa and The Sugar Hill Gang; embarking on a tour in May as well as performing and headlining at many great festivals around Europe including Shambala, Alterfesta and Larmer Tree.

The rest of the world has already started to wake up and take notice of this incredible new band, with big love coming from Europe, Japan and Canada. Hannah and The Tastemakers are a force to be reckoned with, Especially with a honeycomb Voice like Hannah’s… She owns a voice she can control effortlessly but deliver with a conviction and grit to rival that of Etta James and Sister Rosetta Tharpe. ‘A Hill Of Feathers’ is by far the most real, gutsy, heartfelt and strait up, honest album I have heard produced from this century and arguably, most of the latter half of the last! There are bands who try to replicate a sound they love and too often something gets lost in translation, it can feel forced and it can lack lustre and authenticity! But this is not the case at all with these guys!

It has been said that Hannah’s performance lifts her on a par with London’s Adele & Amy Winehouse, but considering her journey so far on the soul scene, and with the the help of her awesome band and record label ‘Record Kicks’ let it be said that I believe her performance and notoriety will go above and beyond.

Song Of The Day

28 Nov

There’s Got To Be a Way – Chuck Willis 1956

Song of the day

27 Nov

Rip It Up – Little Richard 1956

Spotify Playlist

26 Nov

The Secret Showcase Presents… Has a playlist on Spotify with music from artists who have played for us over the years… If we have missed anyone out, do let us know so as to not be excluded. Enjoy!

Jake Emlyn

29 Apr

This Is Jake Emlyn

He is my house mate, So if I wanted I could go into all sorts of unnecessary detail. But I wont, all you need to know is this…

I met Jake when I started my studies at the British Academy of New music. It quickly became clear that Jake was a quietly eccentric character with a very hard working and focused attitude towards his music. He is an incredibly understanding human which has been to his detriment at times when working with people who shared his musical aspirations but perhaps not his sensible and honest business mind. But justice prevails for good people and Jake is back with his own style which borrows characteristics from of all of his musical adventures, misdemeanour’s and idols.

To see Jake live, you really start to understand what a breath of fresh air he is for the music industry.

His witty and up to date topical raps, with his flirtatious out bursts and marriage proposals to celebrities, his deadpan humour, mixed with his serious and sensitive ballads and philosophies, really do have you laughing and questioning yourself and Jake with irony throughout the whole set.

He will be playing at the Re-launch of The Secret Showcase Presents… at the Victoria in Dalston on the 15th of May. This will be a one of show while he takes a break from performing to record his EP to be released later this year.

Get to know Jake personally and join his mailing list at his Blog

Another Blog post about Jake by Yeti In The Basement.



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