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The Secret Showcase Presents… The Friday Night Whoopee – Launching Good Friday.

14 Apr

Well, we’ve been a little quiet recently but that’s only because we have been really busy getting ourselves organised to launch our new weekly club night at the St. Moritz Club, London this Friday.


If your looking for a night out in London this Friday (or any other Friday for that matter) and you would like to get your grove on to some hard hitting Rhythm & Blues, Rock & Roll, Soul, Funk and Sleazy Garage, then Bingo! This is the place for you! We will be dancing all night to the best music in town and a whole hour of that will be bought to you live by the delectable CC Smugglers. Lucky for us Kitty Durham of Kitty, Daisy & Lewis will also be taking to the decks to play a selection of her best records!


We Can’t wait.

CC Smugglers Lo Res St. Moritz April2014




Samantha Whates covers ‘I Cant Stop Loving You (Tho I Try)’ for Barclays premier league ‘Love Is Tough’ Campaign

12 Sep

I love surprises, the other day I wasSamWhates watching the TV I got a lovely one when this advert came on, I got really excited and was asking my house mate like she should know and could confirm that “This is Samantha Whates right?’ She didn’t know but I was so sure. I Checked on-line and Googled the advert to find out who was singing but all I could find out for sure was that it was a song written by Billy Nicholls, first released by Leo Sayer. Surely there is no one else in the world that could sound like Samantha. I was right! I have since been back on a forum where people were asking “Who is the Girl Singing this song?” And told them all who! Thought you might like to know too, it’s our Sweetheart Samantha Whates, and doesn’t she sound so lovely?

Ben Gunn & The Junkyard Angels @ Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues

24 Jul

This Thursday I will be playing the washboard and wailing away with Ben Gunn & The Junkyard Angels at one of my favourite night time spots in London and you are all invited…

1000773_541794332534693_478434964_nFor those who haven’t been to Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues at St. Moritz yet… it is almost certainly the best late night Blues spot in London and is always a brilliant night out. Go do your homework and every blues lovin’ soul will say the same.

For those who have been… Need we say any more?


Al Son De Los Tambores By Inigo Ugarteburu (TSSP003 Mixtape)

24 Jul
Inigo Ugarteburu’s third instalment in a series of mixtapes created for the Secret Showcase Presents is inspired by Latin Music, rhythm, congas, tambourines, timbales and maracas. I recommend you grab yourself an ice cold cocktail and enjoy listening to this one in the sunshine!

¡Arriba, abajo, al centro, pa’ dentro!

Click the picture or link below to enjoy…

Song of the day

6 Feb

Jibba Jab – Tic & Toc 1956


Song of the day

31 Jan

Touch The Hem Of His Garment – Sam Cooke and The Soul Stirrers 1956


Oh Lord! By Inigo Ugarteburu (TSSP001 Mixtape)

20 Jan

Last year I wrote a post about Inigo Ugarteburu, his stunning music and his desire to compile a series of mixtapes for the Secret Showcase Presents…

Inigo has lovingly searched through his collection of vinyl to create some awesome mixtapes for his friend including an African inspired piece for Colectivo Futuro and this first mixtape for the Secret Showcase Presents is no exception.  Given the title and genre it only felt right to post it on a holy day. Thank you, enjoy and Amen!

1. Washington Phillips – I Was Born to Preach the Gospel

2. Rev. Edward Clayborn (The Guitar Evangelist) – This Time Another Year You May Be Gone

3. Bessie Johnson – Great Reaping Day

4. Blind Willie Johnson – Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground

5. Booker T. Washington White (Bukka White) – I Am In The Heavenly Way

6. Mississippi Fred McDowell & The Hunter’s Chapel Singers of Como – Amazing Grace

7. Ishman Williams & The William Singers – The Old Ship of Zion

8. Fantastic Voices of Joy – What a Friend We Have in Jesus

9. Shirley Ann Lee – There’s a Light

10. Ike Gordon – Your Close Friends

11. Lighty Singers of Estill – Serve the Lord

12. James Carter & The Mighty Stars – You Don´t know

13. Lighty Singers of Estill – In the Morning When the Trumpet Sounds

14. Crumb Brothers – Seat in the Kingdom

15. Mosby Family Singers – Eternal Life

16. Isaac Haney & The Ebenezer Baptist Church Choir – At a Time Like This (Part One)

17. Rev. Charlie Jackson – Morning Train

18. Straight Street Group – Victory Shall be Mine

19. Straight Street Group – Angels Keep Watching Over me

20. Rev. Louis Overstreet – I’m a Soldier in the Army of The Lord

21. Unidentified Woman & Pentecostal Temple Congregation – Heaven is Mine

22. Georgia Sea Island Singers – Sink Em’ Low

Barbie and Ken EP by Jude Cowan and Wim Oudijk

9 Jan

Something slightly bizarre and fantastically Bonkers…

Chances are if you’ve seen Jude Play then you wont have forgotten her work and energy in a hurry. I don’t know if its the same for everyone else but her performances do to me what her recording do to me too, They both give me that lovely warm feeling you get when you are being read too or being told a story by a child with a great imagination. I don’t really know what that feeling is, I used to get it when I was a child and my mum would tie my shoe laces before I knew how, and when my class mates would doodle on my books at school. I still get it when I play with my nephew, I guess it’s a mix of anticipation, excitement, enjoyment and carefree involvement. What ever it is its a lovely feeling and anything that can give you that feeling should be shared…

Jude Writes poems based on true stories she happens upon in her role working for a TV news channel. Her selection of stories are silly and fun with slightly serious undertones at times, I’m already familiar with some of Jude’s poems which are also recorded separately but I must say that with the musical accompaniment of Wim Oudilk, I can close my eyes and imagine that I am seeing exactly what Jude was imagining at the time she wrote them, and it’s all in cartoon.

Barbie and Ken was release December 10th 2012 on Folkwit records, Have a Listen, chances are you you’ll either love it or hate it. If you hate it… I suggest you spend some time with a child and/or take life less seriously…


Song of the day

31 Dec

Happy New Year – Lightning Hopkins 1953

Iñigo Ugarteburu – Gospel mix-tape on the way for the TSSP…

29 Nov

Please allow me to introduce you to Iñigo Ugarteburu…

After working for 8 months at EMI, I have only just started to really get to know people I work with well enough to discover their passions and talents… Iñigo Ugarteburu it would seem, is quite the prolific musician, working on various projects whilst regularly gigging and DJing, he also has an incredibly extensive and photographic knowledge of music with a large and eclectic record collection to match.

I’m sure there is more to Iñigo that we are yet to discover, but so far this is what I know of him to share… Cafe Teatro is a dreamy and enchanting minimalist folk collective to which he belongs, having release two albums called ‘Burga’ and ‘Sei’ through Foehn Records, which you can hear and buy here.

Iñigo also released a solo album this year called ‘Back & Forth’, it is simply sublime and commands to be listened to, Once your ears are wrapped around the many layers of the vast number of instrumental melodic patterns, it carries you on a journey to another land entirely. Best listened to with closed eyes in any state of mind!


Not one to rest on his laurels, He is currently working on solo album number two and a score for a dance film directed by Xabier Iriondo and choreographed by Marina Mascarell. Iñigo has also recently put together a mix tape for his good friends at Colectivo Futuro, a dedicated cultural node where artforms and people converge, a node well worth checking out. I enjoyed the Mix-tape so much and I’m delighted to say that even with his incredibly busy schedule he has agreed to share a glimps of his record collection with us and do a series of mix-tapes for The Secret Showcase Presents… Starting with Gospel. Watch this space…

You can hear the most recent African inspired mix-tape he did for Colectivo Futuro here…

You can  also hear more Colectivo Futurcasts here

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