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Introducing… Ephemerals

18 Sep

Ephemerals Stairs Straight At Camera SquareRemember last year when I wrote about the momentous album Hill Of Feathers by Hannah Williams and the Taste Makers? I actually can’t believe it was almost a year ago. It’s funny how things work out sometimes, If I hadn’t have been told by a friend about HW&TT I wouldn’t have written the blog post and I wouldn’t have met Nic or Jimmy Needles or known about Funkology and more to the point I wouldn’t have know that Nic was the composer of said momentous album or anything about his new music project ‘Ephemerals

Having got to know Nic over the last year it has become very clear that he doesn’t like to sit still. He’s always got several projects on the go and I don’t think he would have it any other way. So not being one to rest on his laurels or bask in the success of past projects, while HW&TT were on break for Hannah to Give birth to a beautiful boy (Congratulations Hannah) Nic set upon several new projects, one being writing a new soul album with a particular singer in mind. Nic met Wolfgang Valbrun when his band ‘Marvelous’ supported HW&TT on tour and since Nic was leaving the band to pursue further challenges and find another singer for his next half written soul album, This was the moment Nic he realised he didn’t have to look much further.

Nic set to work on finishing the album which was recorded at ‘Cow Shed Studio‘ and features an all-star soul cast of musicians from bands including Keke Mokoro, Gene Dudley Group, Dakhla, Kalakuta Millionaires, Marvelous & Bombs, and a strings session featuring the Cordicella’s who played on his tracks “Tell Me Something” and the breakout “Work It Out” as well as a session to record the lush backing vocals of Hannah Curtain of HWT.  Add to this blend Wolfgang’s effortless vocal delivery that glides and grits both simultaneously and you have quite a fantastically soulful sound to content with.

There is not a confirmed release date for the album as yet, but I for one am very excited to be able to witness the growth and development of this project from the off! Which brings me the the main point of this post. Ephemerals have hit the road to play there first tour and I am inviting you to be a part of the hype and join the wonderful community of musicians that I am blessed to be a part of. Bloggers, Press and Radio, Watch out because Ephemerals are about to launch!

Ephemerals Tour

The Secret Showcase Presents will be catching up with Nic and Wolfgang to talk about the début album to be titled ‘Nothin’ Is Easy’ prior to release so stay tuned, In the mean time Follow Ephemerals on Facebook.

Currently Listening To… Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers

16 Dec


WOW! I occasionally find myself listening to some of the old classics and asking why there are no bands making music like this any more, but I’m wrong of course, there are musicians making some great new music, it’s just that it’s not played on the radio so much so people don’t know about it as readily. But could things be about to change?

I sure hope so, especially for theses guys. A friend put me on to Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers the other day and I have literally been blown away. I don’t even know where to start in terms of telling you how good they are,… erm…actually I do… Start by hitting the play button below and turn it up.

Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers are a London based 9 piece. After their first independent release,  a 45 on Mondegreen Records catapulted them into the soul scene they have received high praise from Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Charles Bradley, Craig Charles on his BBC radio show and various labels and promoters.

Within weeks of the the first 45 release they were signed to the acclaimed Milan based Record Label ‘Record Kicks’ who specialise in new & rare funk, soul, headz, grooves & dancefloor jazz. Since signing with ‘Record Kicks’, Hannah and the Tastemakers have been busy recording their debut LP ‘A Hill Of Feathers’ which was released on October the 15th this year. And it is simply transcendent. They have also been busy building themselves an outstanding reputation as a live act, Supporting the likes of Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Charles Bradley and renowned Hip Hop legends Afrika Bambaataa and The Sugar Hill Gang; embarking on a tour in May as well as performing and headlining at many great festivals around Europe including Shambala, Alterfesta and Larmer Tree.

The rest of the world has already started to wake up and take notice of this incredible new band, with big love coming from Europe, Japan and Canada. Hannah and The Tastemakers are a force to be reckoned with, Especially with a honeycomb Voice like Hannah’s… She owns a voice she can control effortlessly but deliver with a conviction and grit to rival that of Etta James and Sister Rosetta Tharpe. ‘A Hill Of Feathers’ is by far the most real, gutsy, heartfelt and strait up, honest album I have heard produced from this century and arguably, most of the latter half of the last! There are bands who try to replicate a sound they love and too often something gets lost in translation, it can feel forced and it can lack lustre and authenticity! But this is not the case at all with these guys!

It has been said that Hannah’s performance lifts her on a par with London’s Adele & Amy Winehouse, but considering her journey so far on the soul scene, and with the the help of her awesome band and record label ‘Record Kicks’ let it be said that I believe her performance and notoriety will go above and beyond.

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