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The Secret Showcase Proudly Presents… The Golden Boys @ Floripa

19 Sep

SecretShowcase_v3-1The Secret Showcase Presents… Returns to host a night of wonderment at Floripa next week on Wednesday the 25th of September, introducing you to The Golden Boys and celebrating the recent launch of their EP ‘AAA side’.

I saw these Guys play at Latitude and knew strait away that I wanted to work with them and tell as many people as I possibly could how much I enjoyed them. These guys deserve wild and happy audiences… they really enjoy there craft and know how to work an audience, not only did they pull out the bag a hypnotically euphoric performance but they were incredibly humble with it too. On the Sunday at Latitude the Golden Boys were totally unaware of the stir they had caused among the huge audience they didn’t know they had pulled in, If you’ve been to Latitude you might know the stage in the far-away-forest and that its audience rises up hill and late at night, blinded by the stage lights The Golden Boys performed like their life depended on it.

Expect irresistible disco grooves, heart-wrenching bossa ballads, immaculate song craft and seemingly impossible commitment and energy. Add to the mix eight gold sequined jackets, some skin-tight gold leggings and a never-say-no attitude and you have something resembling the Golden Boys. The Golden Boys, have been bringing verve and exuberance to venues since 2010 and as the popularity for the band grew so did the band itself. Now boasting eight members they are able to create illustrious textures and realise ambitious sounds. Silky smooth horn lines, sweeping synth hooks and blazing guitars combine to create a unique and compelling sound that will have you dancing all night.

Our main influences are the good times disco of Chic, the English wit of Ian Dury and The Blockheads, the sincerity of Barry White, the intensity and experimentalism of David Bowie, and the dynamics and flow of disco influenced dance music”  – Dante Rendle Traynor – Lead vocals

“The Golden Boys will change the world. I don’t know how but they will.”
– The Independent

For those who also had parents that swirled around the lounge to Luther Vandross and screamed along to The Streets…our Latitude festival discovery – Gemma Cairney – Radio 1 & 1Extra

To add the icing to the cake so it were DJ’s Inigo Ugarteburu (our resident mix-tape extraordinaire) and Sister Sam will also be bringing you a selection of Jazz, Soul, Funk, Rhythm & Blues and Rock & Roll – Check out Inigo’s Mixtapes here.latinmusic1

This truely is an event you really DO NOT WANT TO MISS…..

Oh and did I mention it’s FREE? Well….. ITS FREE!



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