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Barbie and Ken EP by Jude Cowan and Wim Oudijk

9 Jan

Something slightly bizarre and fantastically Bonkers…

Chances are if you’ve seen Jude Play then you wont have forgotten her work and energy in a hurry. I don’t know if its the same for everyone else but her performances do to me what her recording do to me too, They both give me that lovely warm feeling you get when you are being read too or being told a story by a child with a great imagination. I don’t really know what that feeling is, I used to get it when I was a child and my mum would tie my shoe laces before I knew how, and when my class mates would doodle on my books at school. I still get it when I play with my nephew, I guess it’s a mix of anticipation, excitement, enjoyment and carefree involvement. What ever it is its a lovely feeling and anything that can give you that feeling should be shared…

Jude Writes poems based on true stories she happens upon in her role working for a TV news channel. Her selection of stories are silly and fun with slightly serious undertones at times, I’m already familiar with some of Jude’s poems which are also recorded separately but I must say that with the musical accompaniment of Wim Oudilk, I can close my eyes and imagine that I am seeing exactly what Jude was imagining at the time she wrote them, and it’s all in cartoon.

Barbie and Ken was release December 10th 2012 on Folkwit records, Have a Listen, chances are you you’ll either love it or hate it. If you hate it… I suggest you spend some time with a child and/or take life less seriously…


The Secret Showcase Presents… A stage at the Rhythm Festival

28 Apr

27 August at 12:00 – 28 August at 22:30

The Mansion House
Old Warden Park, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, SG18 9DX

The Secret Showcase Presents… Is once again taking to the great outdoors to host a stage over two days at the Rhythm Festival and its new home in the beautiful grounds of Old Warden Park’s Mansion house.

Acts on the bill so far include:

Praxis IV
Jack In Water
Old people
Ben Gunn
Jack Hancock
Darren Poyzer
Jude Cowan

With more to be announced…

We will also host open mic sessions on both days, So if you would like to join in make sure to buy your ticket here… http://www.rhythmfestival.com/buy-tickets and make sure to not forget your instruments.

You can follow us on twitter here…

Or sign up to our Blog to keep up to date with all news and announcements here

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