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Samantha Whates covers ‘I Cant Stop Loving You (Tho I Try)’ for Barclays premier league ‘Love Is Tough’ Campaign

12 Sep

I love surprises, the other day I wasSamWhates watching the TV I got a lovely one when this advert came on, I got really excited and was asking my house mate like she should know and could confirm that “This is Samantha Whates right?’ She didn’t know but I was so sure. I Checked on-line and Googled the advert to find out who was singing but all I could find out for sure was that it was a song written by Billy Nicholls, first released by Leo Sayer. Surely there is no one else in the world that could sound like Samantha. I was right! I have since been back on a forum where people were asking “Who is the Girl Singing this song?” And told them all who! Thought you might like to know too, it’s our Sweetheart Samantha Whates, and doesn’t she sound so lovely?

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