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3 Apr

Equals, The - Mystic Syster1 Equals - Mystic Syster [b]This is more about an album rather than a song. “Mystic Syster” by The Equals. A soulful, funky album which leans towards reggae at times with inflections of early RnB and RnR. It covers so many styles whilst encompassing something quite unique altogether. Even tho it was recorded in the late 70s and with the use of early synthesisers it still seems to somehow sound fresh and current.

There were three versions of The Album  released in 1978 in the UK and Canada and 1980 in Spain on ICE Records. I’m not sure how popular it was in England as not many people I have spoken to seem to know much about it although, I have learned that It was quite popular in West Africa. Who Knew?  It was written and produce by music pioneer Eddy Grant, a man who in my opinion is quite a legend, he has worked on so many projects but I believe this is one is his best. It’s a real gem of an album. If your interested in reading an overview of his works I highly recommend this very informative blog post by Sound Boutique.

I’ve tried to find the album on Vinyl but it would appear it’s quite rare, as are any recordings on the internet. I have however, found these two tracks from the album on Youtube. Perhaps you might be better than me at looking for things on the inter-web and find it or you might have it in a dusty box somewhere (in which case you should probably give it to me for safe keeping) or you might see it in a charity shop, Carboot or a friends house, By any means if you haven’t already and the opportunity presents itself, I strongly recommend listening to this album in it’s entirety. It’s such a great album.

Mystic Syster – The Equals Ice Records 1978

Are you Ready? – The Equals ICE Records 1978


A1 Mystic Syster 5:34
A2 Are You Ready For Me 6:55
A3 Nobody’s Got Time 6:07
B1 Red Dog 4:10
B2 Rock’n’Roll Star 3:30
B3 Helèna 4:19
B4 Something Beautiful 3:42
B5 Bad Roots Dude
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