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Oh Lord! By Inigo Ugarteburu (TSSP001 Mixtape)

20 Jan

Last year I wrote a post about Inigo Ugarteburu, his stunning music and his desire to compile a series of mixtapes for the Secret Showcase Presents…

Inigo has lovingly searched through his collection of vinyl to create some awesome mixtapes for his friend including an African inspired piece for Colectivo Futuro and this first mixtape for the Secret Showcase Presents is no exception.  Given the title and genre it only felt right to post it on a holy day. Thank you, enjoy and Amen!

1. Washington Phillips – I Was Born to Preach the Gospel

2. Rev. Edward Clayborn (The Guitar Evangelist) – This Time Another Year You May Be Gone

3. Bessie Johnson – Great Reaping Day

4. Blind Willie Johnson – Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground

5. Booker T. Washington White (Bukka White) – I Am In The Heavenly Way

6. Mississippi Fred McDowell & The Hunter’s Chapel Singers of Como – Amazing Grace

7. Ishman Williams & The William Singers – The Old Ship of Zion

8. Fantastic Voices of Joy – What a Friend We Have in Jesus

9. Shirley Ann Lee – There’s a Light

10. Ike Gordon – Your Close Friends

11. Lighty Singers of Estill – Serve the Lord

12. James Carter & The Mighty Stars – You Don´t know

13. Lighty Singers of Estill – In the Morning When the Trumpet Sounds

14. Crumb Brothers – Seat in the Kingdom

15. Mosby Family Singers – Eternal Life

16. Isaac Haney & The Ebenezer Baptist Church Choir – At a Time Like This (Part One)

17. Rev. Charlie Jackson – Morning Train

18. Straight Street Group – Victory Shall be Mine

19. Straight Street Group – Angels Keep Watching Over me

20. Rev. Louis Overstreet – I’m a Soldier in the Army of The Lord

21. Unidentified Woman & Pentecostal Temple Congregation – Heaven is Mine

22. Georgia Sea Island Singers – Sink Em’ Low

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